2019 SSPH Timetable booking change request survey

This form is for you to submit any amendments you would like to your Unit of Study bookings for BOTH SEMESTERS 1 and 2 (and all related sessions), AND/OR nominate a new Unit of Study for timetabling in 2019.


PLEASE NOTE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CHANGES TO REQUEST FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM!  Please make sure you complete the Unit of Study Timetable rollover request survey instead.


Please submit your Unit of Study booking change requests for 2019 by no later than Friday 5th October 2018. 


If we can request your room bookings to meet the timetable deadlines we will increase your chances in getting the rooms requested.


Thank you!

There are 21 questions in this survey.
Unit Coordinator Details

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Please specify your requirements for the unit of study.

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  • Number of lectures/tutorials/seminar/workshops
  • Day/s of week and time/s of day
  • Special venue requirements (not guaranteed) e.g. labs, rooms with special equipment



  • 1 x Lecture on Mondays 5pm to 7pm, weeks 1 to 11 in a room with data projector
  • 2 x Tutorials on Mondays 7pm to 8pm, weeks 2 to 11 in the Edward Ford Building
  • Workshops on Monday 6th March 2017, 13 March 2017, 20 March 2017 all 9am to 5pm in the Norman Gregg Lecture Theatre
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