SSPH - Semester 2, 2018 Orientation Sessions

Welcome to your studies with the Sydney School of Public Health (SSPH) in Semester 2, 2018. To help you get started, we have organised an Orientation program which consists of training sessions to give you practical skills to help you navigate through your studies. This program will give you a flying start in your studies with us, and allow you to meet with staff and students before you commence the semester.


Orientation Day will be held on Thursday 26th July 2018. Morning tea will be provided and this will give you a further opportunity to meet and chat with your fellow students and staff.


This Orientation Program is for School of Public Health students only. If you are not enrolled in a School of Public Health program, you should contact your home faculty for orientation information.


Be sure to note your training session bookings in your diary to remind you and to take with you on the day.

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Orientation Training Sessions


We strongly recommend that all new students attend each of the four training sessions, unless you have a recent background in Canvas/eLearning or the University Library systems. Please note: Training is ONLY available during this day. It is unlikely these sessions will be repeated at a later stage in the Semester.

1. Learning Online: All SSPH units of study have their own Canvas e-Learning site so you will need to know how to access the sites (logins and passwords) and navigate through them, access online resources, contribute to discussion boards, complete online quizzes and submit assessment tasks via the e-learning site. Strongly recommended if you have little experience with online study.

2. Using the Library – Strongly recommended if you are not familiar with University’s library system, using the online catalogue, borrowing and renewing, document delivery and accessing reserve items.

3. Literature searching – Strongly recommended if you are not familiar with the range of databases available and online search techniques – vital knowledge for any SSPH student.

4. Assessments, extensions and academic honesty, and Being a Student at SSPH – Strongly recommended. This session will cover assessment requirements, how to submit, how to reference, what to do if you can't submit your assignment on time, what we mean by academic honesty and how to ensure your assignments comply with academic honesty requirements. It will also cover important aspects about being a student at the SSPH and enrolment issues.


Welcome for Clinical Epidemiology students.  This session will provide a broad overview of the Clinical Epidemiology program.  It will include some helpful advice and an opportunity to ask questions about the program, as well as to meet with ClinEpi staff.


Please take note of times and sessions you will be attending.


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* I am a Clinical Epidemiology student and would like to attend the Welcome for ClinEpi students at 4.45pm (Thursday, 26 July 2018).